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"Think Before You Shoot"

The Brain Range is a dry fire "Cognitive Gun Range" using airsoft and laser guns to train tactical athletes and civilians alike.  Our drills will require your mental skills as well as your aim!

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The Brain Range was created by Nicholas Davenport the founder of the mental/brain performance consulting company Mind.Body.1.  This unique and innovative concept integrates Mind.Body.1.'s Cognitive Conditioning methodology with firearms training.  We use certified replica airsoft guns with realistic weight and feel with actual working parts.  It's this next best thing to using live fire.  We use reactionary light systems as targets and we can measure reaction time and accuracy.  Our sessions involve mental skills training methods to see how you measure up in and out of the range.  There's never a dull moment when you have to mindful of every shot you take.  Remember,



Things to Consider

1. This is not a replacement for live fire training.

2. The emphasis is on the brain, meaning how we process information dictates our overall performance. This is as well as handling psychological factors are neglected not necessarily in just firearms training but in many aspects of human performance.

3. Here you can practice techniques and other habits necessary to carry over to your live training.

4. Cost efficient because you can shoot literally 1000 rounds for less than $50.

5. All our guns are licensed replicas of actual guns and have moving parts and blowback. You can drop mags and tap and rack.

6. It allows beginners to ease into firearms training and safety with relevant cues and techniques.

Overall this should be seen as a supplement to training and a mental stimulus not found anywhere else on the planet. THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT!





We have dozens of drills for you to choose from that challenge reaction, memory, vision, stress/worry control and agility.  The goal is to efficiently honing your mental skills in a variety of ways to carry over to the live range and real life!


This option is a guided experience for beginners and experienced users alike.  Here we aim to start with basics to get the user more familiarized and then add a variety of mental challenges to be fun stimulating and effective.

Open Shoot

Open Shoot is an hour blocked off to come collectively participate in weekly drills.  Anyone can come drop in to get some shots off, do some thinking and meet some new friends!

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274 S Military Trail

Deerfield Beach, FL  33442

Tel: 954-226-2926

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