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Services and Pricing

 Individual Grouping-  This package is for booking a slot in our public sessions.  It is a maximum of 6 participants.  For a private experience, see our exclusive pricing.   

$40/Per Person



-1 hour of Brain Range Time

-Unlimited Ammo

-Baseline Drills

-2 Pick Your Own

Exclusive Grouping-  These packages include you booking the entire facility yo yourself and your friends.  This is great for small parties or just to have more time for yourselves!


The Thinker-  This Package includes:

Participants (up to): 2

Guns: 1

Ammo: Unlimited

Time: 1 Hour


The Brain Wave-  This Package includes:

Participants (up to): 4

Guns: 2

Ammo: Unlimited

Time: 1 Hour


Get Your Mind Right-  This Package includes:

Participants (up to): 6

Ammo: Unlimited

Time: 1.5 Hour  


Once you book you'll subscribe to one of these two training demographics:  Training or Recreation


Training:  For more experienced shooter or want to work on specific drills to help with shooting under pressure and accuracy.


Recreation:  For shooters of all levels.  This is geared toward a more guided and interactive experience that is fun, has challenges and is competitive.


*Both demographics attend to technique and proper execution

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